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finally a career for me


one-eyed squints

Ancient Roman gold bracelet in the form of a coiled snake

1st century AD, Pompeii (The British Museum)


do you sometimes just write things to remind yourself that you’re a writer 


Houston, Texas December 2013

Photographed by Rob Hoffman



funny that men mock women going everywhere in groups

but we’re not supposed to go out alone otherwise we might be blamed for our own rape, our own murder. 

-mic drop-


Legal pot use vs. homeowners’ associations: Sowing the weeds of discontent

Just because pot is legal in your state, doesn’t mean you won’t get in trouble for smoking that doobie outside, even if you have a prescription for it. At least that’s what some homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are saying.

“Marijuana and hemp have joined wacky paint colors and unsightly fences as common neighborhood disputes facing homeowners’ associations,” the Associated Press reported.

HOAs can’t prevent their residents from growing or smoking pot inside their homes, but they do have jurisdiction outside of the home. Neighborhood boards have every right to regulate the drug as a nuisance or a threat to children, along the lines of a swimming pool with no fence.

if this is the real case, then why isn’t it that same argument used for consuming oh I don’t know, ALCOHOL?


Smith and Wesson hideaways or “Belly Guns”

kewt lil ecig lanyard I was given to FO FREE that I know @shmishmorshin is gonna hate because hemp. DONT EVEN CARE!


I’m lucky enough to really love my body.

But I hate, hate, hate deeply the fact I’m biologically female. And especially, technically, the fact I have periods. Mine are the bad kind. The kind that makes you cry out in pain for hours with violent cramps, the kind with the long and severe PMS (actually, PMDD) that turns you into a depressed and angry wreck for days. And the blood loss……..

I feel we never talk about the blood loss. If we do, we are told that we are oversharing. We never talk or show the ugly part of that body of ours. It’s shameful, it’s taboo. so many cute and mild names we give to menstruations, in order to not name them bluntly ! Yet we have to undergo that taboo moment, 13 times a year, and just suffer in silence - cause it’s embarrassing y’know ?

And I am embarrassed too. I am the first one feeling disgusted and gross, I am the one that can hardly look at my own bloody thighs, because it strikes right in the taboo, right in my own inner turmoils and limits about how I feel about period, and maybe also about how we are supposed to behave about.

However. I’m neither good to behave, neither to not talk about anything. So here it is. What is going on, below.


i love my cat so much.